Enrico Sallustio

Enrico Sallustio, born in Italy 1966. At the age of 4, his parents moved to Belgium. This is where he grew up and developed his skills as an artist. He did his schooling at the 'Institut Provincial d'Enseignement Secondaire' of Wavre and then the 'Institut Saint Luc' in Brussels. Then went on to qualify as an illustrator after finishing the Fine Arts Academy of the City of Brussels.

He then moved to Singapore where he lived and worked for 10 years. Here he specialized in children's books. He worked for a company that developed a series of children's story books, posters and educational books. He also had the opportunity to work as a freelance illustrator for many of the main publishers in Singapore as well as illustrating for advertising companies and other.

Almost 100 books have been published with his work during his stay in Singapore.

He moved back to Belgium in 2003 where he then was integrated into the team of Jacques Martin, working with publisher, Casterman. After finishing the book, 'Les Voyages de Jhen à Venise', one in a series, he is now working on the next one which is the History of the Vatican. In between he has finished 'Itineraries in Rome' a production by Lonely Planet and Casterman.

'Blow A Kiss' was published in Singapore in 2010 together with David Seow of Bonnie Books. And in 2011 the comic strip 'Fly Dodos Fly' will be coming out in Europe.